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The Three Kings’ Parade: Cabalgata de Reyes

Cabalgata de Reyes

Every year on the evening of January 5th, Spain lights up with the “Cabalgata de Reyes” or the Kings’ Parade.

This event happens the night before Epiphany on January 6th, which is a day that remembers the three Wise Men visiting baby Jesus after his birth.

Colorful Parades

Cabalgata de Reyes Parade
Cabalgata de Reyes Parade

All over Spain, towns and cities host big parades. Each parade has beautiful floats that show different parts of the Wise Men’s story from the Bible.

The Wise Men, dressed in royal clothes, ride on horses, camels, or on top of floats.

They are the main attraction and they throw candies and small toys to the people watching. This makes everyone, especially kids, very happy.

Food and Friends

The Kings’ Parade is more than just watching floats; it’s a time for people to get together.

Families and friends meet up to watch the parade and enjoy special foods.

One popular treat is the “roscón de reyes,” a cake that is shaped like a ring and decorated with candied fruits.

There’s a small surprise hidden inside the cake. If you find it, it means you’ll have good luck for the year.

A Key Part of Christmas in Spain

This parade is a big part of the Christmas season. It’s about giving, sharing, and having fun together. After the parade people often go home to give each other gifts, just like the Wise Men did.

The “Cabalgata de Reyes” keeps the Christmas spirit alive in Spain, making January 5th a night full of fun for everyone.