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How to Buy a Car in Spain: A Simple Guide

Buying a car in Spain can be an exciting process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate it smoothly.

1. Choose Your Car: Decide whether you want a new or used car. Research different models and prices online or visit dealerships.

2. Documentation: Gather necessary documents including your ID, proof of address, and NIE (Foreigner Identification Number).

3. Financing: If you need a loan, Spanish banks offer financing options. Compare rates and terms to find the best deal.

4. Purchase Agreement: Once you find your car, negotiate the price and sign a purchase agreement. Ensure all details are correct.

5. Vehicle Transfer: For used cars, ensure the vehicle is transferred to your name. This involves notifying the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) and paying a transfer fee.

6. Insurance: Car insurance is mandatory in Spain. Choose a policy that suits your needs and provides adequate coverage.

7. Registration: Register the car with the DGT. You’ll receive a registration certificate and plates if needed.

8. Roadworthiness Test: Ensure the car has a valid ITV (Inspección Técnica de Vehículos) certificate, which is the Spanish roadworthiness test.


  • Research: Use websites like or to compare prices and find reviews.
  • Test Drive: Always test drive the car to check for any issues.
  • Legal Advice: Consider consulting with a legal advisor to ensure all paperwork is handled correctly.

By following these steps, you can successfully buy a car in Spain and enjoy driving through its beautiful landscapes. For more detailed information, refer to our buy a car guide.