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Marbella is a sunny and warm place on the Costa del Sol, known for its fancy way of living, beautiful beaches, and especially its great weather. It draws in tourists and people moving from other countries all wanting to enjoy its gentle climate. In this guide, we will look closely at why Marbella’s weather is so appealing, focusing on the many sunny days it has.

Marbella average weather month by month:

January: A Gentle Winter

Average High: 17°C| Average Low: 8°C

January in Marbella is as mild as winter gets, with crisp mornings transforming into pleasantly warm afternoons. It’s the perfect time for peaceful beach walks and enjoying the quieter side of the city.

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February: The Hint of Spring

Average High: 18°C | Average Low: 9°C

February sees a subtle increase in temperature, hinting at the spring to come. The almond blossoms start to bloom, adding a splash of color to the landscape.

March: Spring Arrives

Average High: 20°C | Average Low: 11°C

March is the gateway to spring, with more consistent warm weather and an increase in sunny days, ideal for exploring Marbella’s natural beauty and outdoor attractions.

April: Bloom and Beauty

Average High: 22°C | Average Low: 13°C

With the full arrival of spring, April showers Marbella in blooms and warmth, perfect for Easter celebrations and the beginning of the outdoor dining season.

May: Warmth and Festivities

Average High: 25°C | Average Low: 15°C

May is when Marbella starts to buzz with activity, welcoming the warm weather with open-air festivals and the reopening of beach clubs.

June: The Start of Summer

Average High: 28°C | Average Low: 18°C

June marks the beginning of the summer season, with longer days and warmer nights, making it ideal for beach days and vibrant nightlife.

July & August: The Peak of Summer

Average High: 31°C | Average Low: 21°C

July and August are the hottest months, filled with sun-seekers and a lively atmosphere. Despite the heat, the sea breeze keeps the evenings comfortable.

September: The Sweet Spot

Average High: 28°C | Average Low: 19°C

September offers the perfect balance of warm days and cool nights, with the summer crowds beginning to thin, revealing the laid-back essence of Marbella.

October: Autumn’s Warmth

Average High: 24°C | Average Low: 16°C

The warmth lingers in October, making it an excellent month for those looking to enjoy the outdoors without the peak season’s hustle.

November: The Gentle Cool Down

Average High: 20°C| Average Low: 12°C

November sees a gentle cool down, with occasional rain refreshing the city and preparing it for the mild winter ahead.

December: Winter’s Mild Touch

Average High: 17°C | Average Low: 10°C

December is mild and festive, with holiday lights adding a magical touch to the pleasant days and crisp nights.

Good weather all year round


Marbella’s weather is more than just a statistic; it’s a lifestyle enhancer, making every activity from golfing to dining al fresco, more enjoyable.

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Whether you’re seeking a winter escape or a summer haven, Marbella promises sunshine and mild temperatures, beckoning visitors and residents to bask in its endless glow.

Source weather data: OpenWeather