Marbella Living

Living in Marbella: Everything You Need to Know

Here we collect information about everything you might need when you move to Marbella. We write about common problems people face when they are new in Spain.

Finance and economy

Managing your economy is straightforward even if you live in Marbella, with major banks providing great services.

Buying and owning a home

The real estate market is thriving, and reputable agents can help you find your dream home if you want to buy a house.

Buying a car

Buying a car is simple, with numerous dealerships available.

Marbella’s economy thrives on tourism, real estate, and services, offering robust opportunities for business and employment.


Comprehensive insurance for health, home, and vehicles is essential, with many providers available.


Healthcare services are excellent, with public hospitals and private clinics ensuring high-quality care.

Local information

Staying informed about local information is easy with resources like “Sur in English.”

National holidays

Understanding national holidays is crucial, as businesses often close during these events.


Marbella is home to prestigious international schools, ensuring excellent education for children.


Transportation options include a reliable bus system and taxis, but having a car is beneficial for exploring.

Visas in Spain

EU citizens can reside without a visa, while non-EU citizens need the appropriate visa.

Weather in Marbella

The Mediterranean climate, with over 320 sunny days annually, makes Marbella perfect for outdoor activities year-round because of the great weather.

Marbella combines modern amenities with traditional charm, making it an ideal place to call home.