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Celebrate Christmas Day in Spain: Navidad

Christmas Day in Spain

Christmas Day, known as “Navidad” in Spanish, is celebrated on December 25th every year. It is one of the most special and joyful days in Spain.

This day marks the birthday of Jesus Christ, which is an important event in Christian religion. But, it’s also a day full of fun, gifts, and delicious food for everyone, whether they are religious or not.

This day is a public holiday so schools and workplaces are closed.

How Do People in Spain Celebrate Christmas?

Spanish Christmas is rich with vibrant traditions and warm family gatherings. Here are some ways people celebrate Christmas Day in Spain:

  • Family Meals: One of the most important parts of Christmas is the family meal. Families gather to enjoy a big lunch that might include dishes like roasted lamb, seafood, and a variety of sweet treats like “turrón” (a type of almond candy) and “polvorones” (soft and crumbly cookies).

  • Midnight Mass: Many people go to church for the “Misa del Gallo” (The Rooster’s Mass) at midnight on Christmas Eve. It’s called this because a rooster is said to have crowed the night Jesus was born.

  • The Caga Tió: In regions like Catalonia, there’s a fun tradition called “Caga Tió” or “Tió de Nadal.” It’s a log with a face painted on it, and it “poops” presents for children when they beat it with sticks while singing traditional songs.

  • Decorations: Homes and streets are beautifully decorated with lights and Christmas trees. Nativity scenes, called “Belénes,” are very popular and can be found in homes, shops, and public squares.

Special Spanish Christmas Traditions

  • The Three Wise Men: In Spain, it’s not Santa Claus who brings the gifts, but the Three Wise Men. Children write letters to them, asking for gifts, which are traditionally received on January 6th, the day of Epiphany, known as “Reyes Magos.”

  • Christmas Lottery: Another unique tradition is the Spanish Christmas Lottery, called “El Gordo” (The Fat One). It’s the biggest lottery draw of the year, and many people participate, hoping to win a Christmas fortune.

Why Do Kids Love Christmas Day?

For kids in Spain, Christmas is magical. They enjoy the lights, the decorations, and the excitement of opening gifts.

They also love the special foods and the fun traditions that only happen at Christmas.


Christmas Day in Spain, or Navidad, is a joyful and magical time.

It’s a day when families come together to celebrate with traditional foods, beautiful decorations, and unique customs.