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Celebrating Constitution Day in Spain: Día de la Constitución

Celebrating Constitution Day in Spain

Constitution Day, called “Día de la Constitución” in Spanish, is a very important holiday in Spain that happens every year on December 6th.

This special day celebrates the day when Spain’s Constitution, which is like a big rule book for the country, was agreed upon in 1978.

Why is the Constitution Important?

The Constitution is super important because it tells how the country should be run.

It talks about the rights of the people living in Spain, like the right to speak freely, to go to school, and to be treated fairly by laws.

It’s like a promise to keep everyone safe and respected.

How Do People Celebrate?

Constitution Day is a public holiday in Spain, which means no school and no work for most people!

Here are some ways how this day is celebrated:

  • Public Readings: In some places, parts of the Constitution are read out loud for everyone to remember what it says and why it’s important.
  • Special Events: Many towns have parades, speeches, and sometimes even free concerts. It’s a day for everyone to feel proud of their country and its laws.
  • Open Government Buildings: Some important government buildings that are usually closed to the public might open up, so people can visit and see where big decisions about the country are made.

Learning in Schools

Even though kids don’t go to school on this day, leading up to it, teachers might have special classes about the Constitution.

They might learn about different rights and laws and talk about how these rules help everyone live together happily and safely.

Why Do People Enjoy This Day?

Constitution Day isn’t just a day off; it’s a day for feeling proud of Spain and how far it has come.

It’s a time to appreciate living in a place where there are rules that protect everyone’s rights.


Constitution Day, or Día de la Constitución, is a special day in Spain when everyone remembers and celebrates the laws that help make the country a great place to live.

It’s a day of learning, fun, and pride, and it helps everyone remember how important it is to have good rules that everyone must follow.