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Spanish National Day: Fiesta Nacional de España

Fiesta Nacional de España

Spanish National Day, also known as Fiesta Nacional de España, is a special holiday celebrated in Spain every year on October 12th. It is a day when people in Spain celebrate their country’s history and culture.

Why Do People Celebrate It?

This day marks the anniversary of a very important event from the year 1492, when Christopher Columbus first landed in the Americas.

This moment is significant because it represents the beginning of a new era of exploration and connection between different parts of the world.

How Do People Celebrate?

On Spanish National Day, there are many exciting activities and celebrations across the country:

  • Parades: In Madrid, the capital city of Spain, there is a big military parade watched by the King of Spain and many other important people. It includes soldiers marching, planes flying in the sky, and lots of music.
  • Flag Hoisting: The Spanish flag is raised in many places to show pride and love for the country.
  • Cultural Events: Throughout Spain, there are dances, music, and food that represent the rich culture of Spain. People wear traditional clothing and enjoy Spanish dishes like paella and tapas.
  • Fireworks: In some cities, the day ends with beautiful fireworks lighting up the night sky.

Why Is It Important?

Spanish National Day is not just about having fun. It’s also a time for people to come together and feel proud of their country.

It helps everyone remember Spain’s history and the things that make it unique.

Fun Facts

  • The day is also called “Día de la Hispanidad,” celebrating the Hispanic culture that links Spain with other Spanish-speaking countries.
  • In addition to the celebrations in Spain, many Spanish-speaking countries in the Americas also celebrate this day in their own special ways.


Spanish National Day is a day full of pride, joy, and celebration.

It’s a time when people remember their history and enjoy the rich culture of Spain with family and friends.

It’s a day that brings everyone together, showing the unity and strength of the Spanish people.