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The Assumption of Mary: Asunción de la Virgen

Asunción de la Virgen

August 15th is a special day called Asunción de la Virgen.

This day is important because it celebrates that Mary the mother of Jesus went to heaven with her body and soul at the end of her life.

It’s one of the biggest events for Christians, especially in places like Spain with many Catholics.

Celebrations Across Spain

In Spain, the Assumption of Mary is a public holiday, which means schools and many businesses are closed.

Special Events

One of the most famous celebrations happens in the city of Elche, where they have a play called “El Misteri d’Elx” or “The Mystery Play of Elche.”

This play is a traditional performance that tells the story of Mary’s assumption into heaven and is so important that it has been recognized by UNESCO as a masterpiece of oral and intangible heritage of humanity.

Other places have unique local traditions. For example, some communities have boat processions where they carry a statue of Mary over the water, symbolizing her journey to heaven.

Many towns and cities have festivals, processions, and special church services.

People decorate the streets with flowers and lights, and there are often big parades with statues of Mary that are carried through the streets.

A Time for Family and Community

The Assumption of Mary is also a time for families to come together. Many people return to their hometowns to celebrate with family and participate in local traditions.

It’s a day for enjoying meals together and catching up with loved ones.

Why It’s Important

The Assumption of Mary is important in Spain not just as a religious holiday but as a cultural event that brings communities together.

It is a day filled with joy, where people celebrate their faith and their traditions.

Everyone, from young children to grandparents, takes part in the festivities, making it a special day of unity and celebration.

The Assumption of Mary reflects the strong tradition and faith of Spain, making August 15th a day full of festivity and family.