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Visit Centro Plaza in Nueva Andalucia

Centro Plaza in Nueva Andalucia

When you visit Nueva Andalucia in Marbella you will find Centro Plaza. It is located near the Bull Ring and it offers shops, restaurants, cafes and much more.

Looking for new clothes or beauty treatments? Centro Plaza has it all. Every Saturday, the plaza livens up with a street market. You’ll find lively chats and many colours. 

There’s also plenty of parking, making your visit easy even if you come by car.

Park your car centro plaza

Centro Plaza in Marbella

You can both shop and eat here. This plaza mixes local feel with big-city style.

Discover Unique Boutiques and Shops

You find shops that offer the latest in fashion and creativity. You can find luxury clothes and handmade items here.

  • Chic fashion stores offering the latest in haute couture
  • Quaint stores showcasing handcrafted jewellery and accessories
  • Home décor boutiques with unique furnishings and art

Dining at Local Restaurants

There is a great variety of different restaurants so whether you’re in the mood for sushi, steakhouse or classic Spanish cuisine you’ll find it here. You will also find cozy cafés which have fantastic views.

Amazing views from centro plaza

Beauty and Leisure Services

Centro Plaza Marbella also has high-end beauty and leisure services.

  • Hair salons and styling studios
  • Spas offering treatments
  • Nail bars for manicure and pedicure

Amenities and Services at Centro Comercial Centro Plaza

Welcome to our detailed guide about amenities and services at Centro Comercial Centro Plaza. We make every visit smooth and fun. Our goal is to meet all your needs with our conveniences.

  • Convenient Parking Facilities: Choose from underground parking or a large open-air area. It depends on what you prefer.
  • Looking for the newest in fashion or just daily needs? Centro Plaza has shops for all your wants.
  • Exclusive Health and Beauty Services: Visit beauty salons and gyms. They’re all easy to find in the plaza.
  • You’ll also find, banks, lawyers, and locksmiths. Doing your chores is easy in one place.

Where to find Centro Plaza:


Centro Plaza in Nueva Andalucia is amazing for shopping and fun. It has great shops and food places. Everyone visiting Marbella should go there and check it out.

If you’re in Marbella, you have to check out Centro Plaza. It’s full of great finds and with amaxing views. 

Get ready for a blend of shopping, dining and relaxing at Centro Plaza.