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Guide: Padel courts indoor and with roof in Marbella area

Indoor padel courts

When it rains it’s difficult to play padel in Marbella under the open sky. In Marbella and its surroundings it very rarely rains,so not many clubs invest in having indoor courts or courts with a roof. But what do you do if it rains and you want to play padel? Then it’s important to find courts that are indoor or under a roof.

Unfortunately, there are no clubs in  Marbella that are indoor or under a roof; you should expect about a 30-minute drive. But if you’re really eager to play padel and it’s raining it’s worth it

Indoor Padel Courts and Roofed Facilities in Marbella

A few clubs offer indoor padel courts or outdoor courts with roofs.

Indoor Padel Courts

Indoor courts are the best solution to the rain. Built within enclosed structures, these courts provide a controlled environment that is impervious to the weather. Players can enjoy their game without worrying about the rain, wind or even the scorching sun.

Outdoor Courts with Roofs

For those who prefer the outdoor feel without the weather’s unpredictabilityncourts with roofs offer a perfect compromise. These courts maintain the outdoor feeling but with a roof to protect against the rain or the sun. While not as common as fully indoor courts, they are a great option.

Here we list where you can go to play padel in the rain, or when it’s too hot outside.

List: Padel courts indoor and with roof

Raquetas de Mijas

Club has been around for over 5 years. It’s a great place in Mijas, on the Costa del Sol, where you can have fun and relax all in one spot.

If you like racket sports or just want to get fit, Raquetas de Mijas is perfect for you. You can play padel or join in on some classes.

Total 10 padel courts, 9 under roof and 1 outdoor.

Address: Urb. La Cala Hills, C. Tomillo de la Torre, 1, 29651 Las Lagunas de Mijas, Málaga

It’s about 30 minutes by car from Marbella.

Club Naranja Pádel

A small club with 4 indoor courts. Perfect if it’s raining or too hot. Easy to park outside.

Address: C. Guttenberg, 11, 29100 Coín, Málaga

It’s about 30 minutes by car from Marbella.

Club de Pádel Cerrado del Águila

Opened in May 2009, with the installation of 4 padel courts and a gym. It has grown according to customer demand and needs, now having 13 padel courts, 6 of them under roof. The padel club has an academy that offers padel classes for adults and children. They also organize matches and tournaments.

Address: Urb. Cerrado del Aguila, 7, 29649 Las Lagunas de Mijas, Málaga

Like the other clubs this is also 30 minutes by car from Marbella.

So if it’s raining and you want to play padel you now know where to go. If it rains you can still find many otherf fun indoor activities in Marbella.