Guide: Top padel centers in Marbella area

Do you want to play padel in Marbella but don’t know where? Here’s a list of popular padel centers in Marbella, offering a mix of facilities for enthusiasts of the sport.

In other articles, we’ve covered where you can play golf, tennis, pickleball, and also which gyms are nearby. But here, we take a look at what the options are for padel.

Here we go through Real Club Padel, Nueva Alcantara Club (NAC), Villa Padierna Racquet Club, and Manolo Santana Racquets Club.

  • Real Club Padel Marbella: More than just a padel club, this sports center offers a wide variety of services including a hairdresser, barbershop, aesthetics, restaurant, kids club, and different gym areas. It’s known for its unique experiences and facilities like live music during training sessions, kids camps, and a pet-friendly space. Visit website:
  • Nueva Alcantara Club: Here you will find 16 padel courts and a social area. The complex also has a restaurant and a bar that serves delicious food and drinks. On the complex there is also a gym but this only members only the name of the club is The I/O. Visit website:
  • Villa Padierna Racquet Club: Featuring 15 paddle courts distributed across three areas, this club is hailed as one of the best in Marbella and its surroundings for playing and learning padel tennis with top professionals. It also offers the possibility of organizing private paddle tournaments. Visit website:
  • Manolo Santana Racquets Club: This club provides a homelike atmosphere with a broad selection of Padel & Tennis courts, a gym, yoga, sauna, fitness center, activities, swimming pool, playground, and a restaurant. It’s designed for more than just sports; it’s a leisure club where you can enjoy various amenities. Visit website: