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Hiking Guide: Small waterfalls near Marbella

waterfalls near marbella

If you’re in the mood for a day of hiking suitable for the whole family, there is a nice excursion destination near Marbella bus station.

The trail starts right behind Marbella bus station.

There are also plenty of parking spaces if you come by car.

You park the car where the map pin is shown:


Once there, you will see a sign with a large map (picture below). You then start the hike for about 15 minutes where we have marked with an X on the map.

Either it’s enough to go there and have a nice time, or you can walk around the whole area according to the map. That would take about 2 hours instead. But if you have small children, a trip to the small waterfalls might be enough.

If you want to go the whole round, the route is as follows: You start at 24, 23, go to 22, then to 36, 35, 34, 33, 32 and then back to 23 and then to the car again. Check the map above to see how the route goes.

You will see nice places to stop and just enjoy. If it has rained recently, you will likely both see and hear the water flowing.

If it’s warm, it’s fine to take a refreshing swim.

Great hiking

Wonderful environment to hike in, even for kids.

Wonderful environment to hike in

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