Top 10 Tapas in Spain – Try these if you haven’t already done it


These tapas, from tasteful old favourites to new twists, are more than just food; they are a journey through history made with the best local bits.

Eating tapas together with family or friends is a cozy experience. You order various dishes and share them together.

Tapas in Spain

Tasty Tapas in Malaga

The Spain culinary scene is a colourful mix, full of history and love for food. It shows in the tasty Spanish cuisine. Each area of Spain shows off its own special tastes and cooking ways.

When evening comes, tapas start to fill the streets. You can get a plate of tapas for about €3. This lets everyone try different tastes without spending much. For seafood lovers, tapas can cost up to €14. But it’s worth it for a taste of the sea.

Tapas bring people together. Folks stand close, talk and enjoy small dishes late into the night.

Be assertive in tapas bars; it’s the mark of the seasoned. Proactivity ensures efficient service amidst the convivial chaos that is the tapas experience.

Top 10 Tapas in Spain You Must Experience

Tapas in Seville

Start a fantastic flavour trip with these top 10 tapas in Spain. Every part of Spain shows off its own tasty small plates. Enjoy these popular tapas dishes in Spain with a cold sangria or in a lively bar.

Tortilla de Patata

The Tortilla Española is loved by everyone. It’s made with eggs, potatoes, and onions slow-cooked in olive oil. You can find this Spanish omelette all over Spain. It shows how simple ingredients make authentic tapas.

Patatas Bravas – A Fiery Favourite

Patatas Bravas are essential in tapas. It turns simple potatoes into something special. They are crunchy outside, soft inside and come with a spicy sauce.

Jamón, Queso y Chorizo con Pan

Spanish ham, cheese, chorizo and fresh bread are a must for tapas. These simple ingredients are wonderful together. They show off the famous Spanish jamón.


Croquetas are creamy inside and crisp outside. They can have ham, mushrooms, or cheese. They are a favourite.

Calamares Fritos

Calamares Fritos are crispy squid rings. This dish is loved all along Spain’s coast. It’s simple seafood done perfectly.

Gambas al Ajillo – The Zesty Seafood Sensation

Gambas al Ajillo is a garlicky shrimp dish. It’s cooked in olive oil with garlic and Spanish paprika. Tip! Don’t forget to dip the bread in the oil and enjoy.

Tigres o Mejillones Rellenos – A Mussel Feast

Tigres o Mejillones Rellenos are for mussel fans. Stuffed mussels are loved in the north. Seafood there is as common as bread.

Pulpo Gallego

Pulpo Gallego is a special dish from Galicia. The octopus is boiled, spiced with paprika, and served with potatoes. It’s as famous as Galicia’s coasts.

Boquerones en Vinagre

Boquerones en Vinagre are tangy anchovies. They’re marinated in vinegar and garlic. These anchovies are refreshing and true to the Mediterranean.


Albóndigas are Spain’s unique meatballs. They are seasoned with herbs and served in sauce. Each meatball combines rustic and gourmet flavours.

Exploring Spain’s tapas scene gives you a taste and a peek into its culture. Finding your favourite authentic tapas in Spain will leave you with memorable flavours and stories.

The Best Times and Places to Enjoy Tapas in Spain

Exploring the Spanish tapas experience isn’t just about the food. It’s also about finding the perfect time and place. The best times for tapas in Spain are in the evening. This is when tapas bars fill up with people chatting and enjoying drinks. So bring some friends, go to a tapas bar, order some food, and enjoy.

Pairing Drinks with Spanish Tapas

Enjoying tapas becomes special with the right drink. It’s about mixing food and drink for the best taste. 

Spanish Wines: You can’t talk tapas without Spanish wines. They turn meals into a feast. Imagine a strong plate of jamón ibérico with Rioja. Or marinated boquerones with a crisp Verdejo. Each mix highlights tradition and taste.

  • Meat Tapas: Pair with full-bodied reds like Rioja or Ribera del Duero
  • Seafood and Veggie Tapas: Complement with aromatic white wine like Albariño or Verdejo

Local Beers: Beer lovers will enjoy Spain’s local beers. Try a cold Estrella Damm or Mahou. They’re great with patatas bravas and gambas al ajillo. Beers highlight the spices and textures in tapas.

A sip of beer lets us enjoy the taste and chat — a tribute to Spain’s fun tapas culture.

Traditional Spanish Drinks: Don’t forget drinks like sangria or tinto de verano. They’re great with a tortilla española or sweet pimientos del piquillo.

  1. Sangria: The perfect partner for a mix of hot and cold tapas
  2. Tinto de verano: Ideal for bringing out the taste in saltier dishes

Drinks are key to enjoying tapas. Whether it’s Spanish wines, local beers, or traditional Spanish drinks, every sip adds to the experience.