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Get a golden visa in Spain – Guide on how it works

Golden Visa Spain

Ever wanted to enjoy the Spanish sun and travel easy across Europe? Then the Golden visa Spain could be something for you. It started in 2013 to help Spain’s economy and attract people from abroad.

Now, it’s a top choice for non-EU folks wanting to live and travel freely in Spain.

By investing €500,000, you don’t just get a home. You can immerse in Spanish culture and may even become a citizen after ten years.

Wondering how to get a golden visa in Spain? It’s about choosing a new way of life, with 94% doing so by buying real estate.

This visa offers great benefits like visa-free travel in 26 Schengen countries. It also covers your family, giving them a chance at a new future.

Let’s dive into how you can get your Golden Visa.

Golden Visa Programme

If you want to live in Spain and you’re not from the EU, the Spain’s Golden Visa might interest you. 

It started in 2013 to bring more money to Spain. By spending at least €500,000 on a property or business, you can live and work there for three years.

Spain’s program is still going, unlike Portugal’s, which has ended. Places like Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga are perfect for investors.

Brussels wanted these plans checked more because of worry about bad practices. But Spain’s plan is still strong giving out 10,000 visas in ten years. Most of these were for buying houses showing it’s a big deal for the property market.

Now is a good time to think about getting a Golden Visa in Spain. Other countries are changing their rules but Spain’s offer stands out.

Having a Golden Visa means you can live, study and work in Spain. It’s a top country in the EU and Schengen area. But remember there are rules and investment needs to get this visa.

  • Attractive investment destination with a strong economy
  • Residency in exchange for a substantial investment in property
  • Access to Spanish lifestyle and culture

If you want to start a business or enjoy Spain’s sunny life the Golden Visa is a great chance for people from all over the world.

Criteria for Obtaining a Golden Visa

If you’re not from the EU and looking at investing in Spain, the Golden Visa is key. It lets you travel without a visa in the Schengen Zone. Plus, you can start a new life in Spain. Knowing what you need for the visa helps make your application smooth.

Age and Residency Requirements

Want a Spanish Golden Visa? First, check if you qualify. You must be 18 or over and able to make financial deals. 

Your living situation in Spain must be legal.

Criminal Record and Health Insurance Policy

Your past actions and health cover matter too. A clean record for five years shows you’re of good character. You also need full health insurance. 

This means you can support yourself without public health services.

Investment Thresholds and Options

Invest in a house

Investment is central to getting a Golden Visa. You could buy a house, invest or put money in a bank. Each option needs a big investment but offers different benefits. This depends on your money situation and your goals in Spain.

Invest €500,000 in property and you get an asset that might earn money or help you live in Spain. 

Putting €2,000,000 into Spanish public debt shows you’re serious about Spain’s economy. 

Buying €1,000,000 in shares is good for those who like to take charge. Or, show you’ve got money to plan for the future with a €1,000,000 bank deposit.

For any investment, you need the right paperwork. 

Each choice needs a strong commitment to Spain’s economic health. And you can’t use borrowed money for these investments.

Investment Routes

In 2013, the Spain Investor Visa program started. It helps people from outside the European Union live in Spain by investing. There are many investment routes for Golden Visa Spain.

Buying property is a common way to get the visa. You need to spend at least €500,000. 

This method is popular. It’s not just about buying a house. It’s about starting a new life in Spain.

Another way is to invest in a business. This helps the Spanish economy grow by creating jobs. It’s good for people who like to start new businesses. Investing in start-ups in Spain can help the society a lot.

Some people might prefer putting their money into government bonds. This is a safer choice. 

It doesn’t involve starting a business but it’s still a good investment. It’s more about being careful with your money but it still lets you live in Spain.

When picking a route, think about how your money helps Spain. Each choice not only gets you a Spain Investor Visa. It also helps connect different cultures and helps the economy.

  • Real Estate Investment: Be part of Spanish life by buying a property.
  • Business Development Investment: Use your business skills to boost growth and new ideas.
  • Capital Transfer: Choose a secure investment in government bonds for a steady future.

These programs are being watched closely in Europe. Some are stopping or changing them. Spain’s market is still strong though. Getting your Golden Visa Spain by investing is still a great choice. It helps both you and Spain.

Application Process

Visa application

This special visa attracts people from outside the EU. It requires investing at least €500,000 in real estate. Getting this visa opens doors to Spain’s lifestyle and economic opportunities.

Initial Schengen Visa Application

The first thing to do is get a Schengen Visa. This lets you enter Spain and start your Golden Visa application. You will need to gather documents. These show who you are, that you can invest and your money is legal. Having all your papers ready makes your entry into Spain smoother.

Biometric Data and Property Visits in Spain

Once in Spain, you give your biometric data to officials. This makes sure you are who you say you are. Then, you can go see properties to invest in. Checking out properties yourself is a key step in getting your residency.

Authority Review and Visa Outcome

  • Assessment: Spanish officials will carefully check your application and investment. They ensure everything is legal and honest.
  • Decision Time: The decision can come quickly, in about 20 days, or take 3 to 6 months. Being patient is important as they review each application.
  • The Outcome: If your review is successful, you’ll get a residency visa. Keep an eye on any changes to the investment minimum or the program itself.

Be careful as you apply for the Golden Visa in Spain. This journey is complex. But living and succeeding in Spain is worth it!

Required Documentation

Required Documentation

Getting a Spain Residency Permit through the Golden Visa needs a lot of paperwork. You must get ready with the right documents for Golden Visa Spain. This helps you smoothly move to your new life.

Financial Evidence and Health Coverage

First, you must show you have enough money. You need funds over 400% of the IPREM for you. And 100% more for each family member joining you. This shows you can live well without working. Investing starts with half a million euros for property. It goes up to two million for public debt.

Also, getting good health insurance is very important. Quality health coverage in Spain keeps you safe during your stay.

Legal Translations and Criminal Record Clearance

Legal document translations must be perfect. If you’re from a non-Spanish country you need certified translations.

A clean background is needed for residency; so, a criminal record certificate from the last two years is vital. A statement of no criminal records in five years shows your good character.

  • The visa fee is fixed and required for your Golden Visa application.
  • Usually they decide in 10 days after you apply. It might take longer if they need more information or an interview.
  • After getting approved, you have one month to pick up your visa in person.

It’s key to have all needed papers and certificates to get a Spain Residency Permit. With everything in order, you’re ready to enjoy what a Spanish Golden Visa has to offer.

NIE in the Golden Visa Application

If you’re looking into getting a Golden Visa in Spain, you’ll see the NIE – Número de Identificación de Extranjero – is vital. It’s needed for your visa and helps in many other ways. It lets you live, work, and do business in Spain easier. 

Read more in our complete Guide to NIE number.

What is a NIE and Its Importance?

The NIE means a lot if you want to stay in Spain for a long time. It’s key in getting Spanish residency by investment. Even EU citizens can get it for about 16.00 Euros. This shows Spain welcomes investors, including those from the EU. You’ll need at least 500,000 Euros to invest for your Golden Visa. 

Then you will show you’re serious.

Usage of NIE in Legal and Fiscal Transactions

The NIE is very important, not just at the start. You’ll use it for lots of things in Spain. Like buying property for the Golden Visa Spain. Or getting your kids into local schools if they’re under 18. It’s a big help in many situations. Lawyer Rosa T. says it’s key in 554 cases she’s seen. It helps investors get Spanish residency.

So, the NIE doesn’t just open doors to living in Spain. It also supports legal matters and shows you’re committed to Spain.

Golden Visa and the way to Permanent Residency

Many people want Spanish permanent residence. The Golden Visa Spain programme offers a way. It helps non-E.U. citizens become part of Spanish society. There might be changes to the programme. These could include stopping it or increasing the minimum investment to €1 million.

To get Spanish permanent residence, you invest at least €500,000 in real estate. This has helped push property prices up by 7% in a year. You can also invest in Spanish public debt or start a business.

  • Initial Golden Visa validity: 1 year, exchangeable for a two-year residence permit
  • Renewal: Indefinite, conditional on maintaining the investment
  • Path to citizenship: After 10 years of residency, spending at least 6 months each year in Spain

The Golden Visa attracts investors, especially from Latin America, America, and China. China is very active in European real estate. But this boom has raised concerns. The European Parliament Civil Liberties Committee and organisations like Transparency International want tighter control.

With the Golden Visa, your family can live and work in Spain. They enjoy visa-free travel in the Schengen Zone. Getting the visa requires much paperwork. This includes police records, health insurance, and proof of finances. If you manage this well, Spain can become your forever home.

“The Golden Visa Scheme in Spain has been pivotal in attracting foreign capital, but it’s also essential that it operates within a framework of transparency and regulation to ensure the benefits are mutual.”

Changes might happen and controls may get stricter. But getting a Golden Visa is more than investing. It’s about joining Spain’s culture and economy. It’s not only about money, but also about adding your story to Spain’s.

It can sometimes be difficult to choose which type of visa is best, but another option to consider is the digital nomad visa.

Benefits of the Investor Visa

Spain and EU

The investor visa opens up not just Spain but the whole EU. This is great for those wanting a stable future for their loved ones. Spain offers a great life. So, the benefits of the Spain Investor Visa are not just about money. They help you and your family live well.

Residence Rights for Family Members

Family inclusion in Golden Visa Spain is a top feature. It lets your close family enjoy the visa’s benefits too. By investing 500,000 euros in Spanish property or making other investments, your partner and children can get the Visa. This brings your family closer and helps everyone move forward together. Your family gains from your investment.

Educational and Healthcare Advantages in Spain

The benefits of Spain Investor Visa include top schools and great healthcare. Your Kids will get a good education, and you all will have access to excellent health services. This makes life in Spain worry-free. With the Visa, your family has everything needed to do well in Spain.

Travel and Employment Opportunities

Looking into Spain’s golden visa offers many perks. These include travel chances and job options. Since starting in 2013, about 10,000 visas have been given out. 

This lets people from outside the E.U. live the Spanish life. Now, think about traveling all over the Schengen Area easily. You won’t need different visas for each place.

Schengen Area Access and Visa-Free Movement

The Spanish golden visa opens doors beyond Spain. It lets you move freely in the Schengen area. This means you can travel for fun or work without trouble. So, the golden visa isn’t just for Spain. It’s your key to lots of places in Europe. It’s all about living with fewer limits and seeing more of the world.

Working and Doing Business in Spain as a Golden Visa Holder

Want a job in Spain? The golden visa could help. By investing €500,000 in property, you get a residency for ten years. This doesn’t just let you live there. You can also work or start a business. Spain is full of chances for those with big dreams. As many are rushing to get their visas before possible law changes, now’s the time to move.

Where to apply:

You can apply using the link below. It is possible to do it yourself, but having a lawyer involved in the process is recommended.

How long does it take to get a Golden Visa?

Generally authorities have a 20-day window from the date of submission to process the application. If the application is not rejected within this period, it is automatically approved. However, obtaining a Golden Visa in Spain can take as long as 10 months under certain circumstances. Therefore, remember to apply well in advance before you need to have everything finalized.